Our Mission & Vision

The Friends of the Jewish Chapel (FOJC), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt organization, was established to enhance the religious and cultural lives of the Jewish Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy.

FOJC acquires and manages the resources necessary to enable and provide continuing support for enrichment programs, reinforcing the Midshipmen’s understanding of and appreciation for their religious and ethnic backgrounds, and of Jewish traditions and values. Such programs, proposed by the Naval Academy’s Jewish Chaplain and approved by the Board of Directors of FOJC, include: meeting the immediate needs and concerns of the Jewish Midshipmen; supporting the Jewish Chapel and visiting speaker and scholar-in-residence programs; field trips; and similar initiatives with the goal of preparing Jewish Midshipmen for their dual roles as career officers and Jewish lay leaders.

While intended principally for the benefit of Jewish Midshipmen, FOJC-sponsored activities are open to faculty, staff and local active duty and retired military personnel, as well, offering everyone the opportunity to learn about the religious customs and ethical values of their Jewish shipmates, and thus become more aware of Jewish issues and concerns.