May 25, 2018

USNA Class Of 2018

Congratulations to the USNA Class of 2018. The Jewish Baccalaureate service was held on 25 May 2018, at the Friday evening Shabbat service. Lt. Col. Brian Grana, USMC (Ret.), Class of 1996, was the guest speaker. Also in attendance were FOJC Board members, midshipmen family members and shipmates and our chapel family. The graduates are:

  • 2nd Lt. Jadaen Bernstein, USMC
  • Ensign Kevin Freedman, USN
  • 2nd Lt. Quinn Harrison, USMC
  • Ensign Joshua Klein, USN
  • Ensign Lauren Larar, USN
  • Ensign Samuel Ledesma, USN
  • Ensign Zachary Lewis, USN
  • Ensign Christina Louie, USN
  • Ensign Benjamin McGrath, USN
  • Ensign Adam Pressel, USN
  • Ensign Joshua Shamrakov, USN
  • 2nd Lt. Joseph Shavel, USMC
  • Ensign Rosie Silverstein, USN
  • Ensign Adeana Steinlauf, USN
  • Ensign Haley Unger, USN
  • Ensign Matthew Vogel, USN
  • 2nd Lt. Madeline Ward, USMC

The Col. Harry Lindauer Lay Leadership award was given to MIDN 3/C Jenna Kugel. The Robert E. Yager Memorial Award for highest academic average was presented to MIDN 1/C Adeana Steinlauf. MIDN 4/C Lillian Usadi and MIDN 4/C Jeremy Gerstein shared the Joanna Simer award for being the most involved plebe with the Jewish Midshipmen Club. The LT Darin Pontell “Good Guy” sword award was presented by Devora Wolk Kirschner, to MIDN 1/C Joseph Shavel. The MIDN Justin Zemser JMC Sword Award, in blessed memory and in honor of MIDN 3/C Justin Zemser who tragically died in the Philadelphia train derailment in 2015, was awarded to MIDN 1/C Adeana Steinlauf for her exemplary dedication to the Jewish Midshipmen Club. We wish fair winds and following seas to these young men and women.